Add transportation, journalists, entertainment and venue to the ‘Cancelled’ list.


Yep. The coach company supplying Alt-Fest has now started issuing refunds citing cancellation. One of the main journalists, Alix Fox has also posted claiming cancellation. To ‘Top’ this off (ha.) the circus of horrors have also just been officially told the towel is thrown in and to keep hush about it. Kudos to Dok Haze of the CoH for breaking protocol to please the fans. Alt-Fest has disappeared off the venue’s own personal site and are responding with a copy-and-paste email to all enquiries, asking fans to speak to Alt-Fest HQ.


Amazon have started issuing ticket refunds and people have started opening bank claims for refunds. There are a lot of angry people currently and a facebook community has been set up to help those seeking financial relief from this debacle and to allow people a chance to vent at what has probably been a stressful few days.






Anyway. It’s been a rough old ride so far with nothing today out of Alt-Fest HQ.  A lot of chatter is happening surrounding the next steps; If it’s cancelled, a full refund can be issued. With Alt-Fest taking their Terms and Conditions off their site so people can’t review them it’s been difficult to find this information out. However, various screenshots have come to light showing that “If the festival lineup changes etc, or it still goes ahead” (Even in a pub with 2 bands, called alt-fest) then NO REFUNDS have  to be issued.

We all hope they do the right thing.