A divided scene, small UK gigs and a production nightmare?

Still no new news from Alt-Fest HQ, but with their top thread now reaching 1000 posts, people are agitated. There are various camps, some demanding money back and some rallying around Missy and Dom.


Prominent promoter and all round entertainment chief, Mick Wood (Monsta Entertainments) has also stepped up to say that he does not think this would be down to Missy or Dom. To quote:

“This will be my last update until Altfest make their announcement. ANY ALTFEST METAL BANDS WHO WANT TO PLAY IN LONDON ON THE SUNDAY – GET IN TOUCH VIA PM OR EMAIL (monstaents2@yahoo.co.uk). I believe that a key partner involved may have (deliberately?) pulled out last minute. Leaving Dom and Missy in the position where they couldn’t do anything but pursue legal action. That of course would initially be subject to restrictions on what they can say in public. I say this as I personally – and other bands, djs, agents, managers etc have had a real sloppy response from Production leading up to the event – of course if my theory is true then those responsible for completing advance tech info would not or could not forward this vital information to make final arrangements. I do not believe it was a money issue – actual ticket sales were not huge – the expenses were covered (most bands were paid up front, others a 50% deposit) but if a key player in the organisation suddenly demands a lot more money or they don’t complete their tasks this would bring everything to a halt. All this is just my opinion – but I am party to some information that pushes me into this way of thinking Again I state those who released the cancellation early did their duty to their fanbase, that Dom and Missy are obviously trying their hardest and although I am personally a fortune out of pocket I am still waiting until I get my gob on – I want to make sure I go at the REAL person who caused this mess (anybody who knows me will know that I will – with full guns blazing). None of this of course helps clarify the financial losses we are all expecting to have – I feel for every single one of us. I also feel for the whole Alternative community – this has divided us all.”

tl;dr version: Mick thinks it’s the production crew as statues money isn’t an issue. It’s clear he isn’t happy as he is out of pocket too. Not a man to trifle with.

A Monty Python nod seems fitting here;



Meanwhile some are blaming the lighting, sound and stage company ‘South West Group’ ( https://www.facebook.com/SouthWestGroup ) –  Since they were handling most of the production, a few people have emailed them to ask about what is going on with same response:

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately we can’t speculate on ALT-Fest (you would need to speak to the Promoters directly) however, SWG Events have pulled their involvement in the Production side of this event.

Many Thanks,


Could the whole thing be a production issue that has caused bands to cancel?

Meanwhile, cancelled bands have started announcing tour dates around the UK and Europe in various different places and some stages such as the Steampunk and SOPHIE stage are stating they’ll have a ‘Plan B’ for those who maybe potentially left without a festival.

Either way, the ‘Announcement before Monday’ that came a few days ago seems an awful long way off still.


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